Dunnage Return Program

Bev Can Printers requires dunnage be returned in good condition and clean of any beer or debris. Customers that pick up their orders on our dock must return dunnage to our dock. Dunnage must be prepared for return (a) pallets on bottom (b) tier sheets in the middle (c) top frames on top and all strapped together.

Dunnage return is a function of volume, distance and time.

Bev Can will schedule dunnage return when our production records indicate, given our customers’ volume, distance and time between orders, that it is economical and efficient to do so.

On average, dunnage should be packaged and prepared for return shipping to Bev Can Printers after four pallets (minimum) have been received and emptied by customers. We require customers to use our Dunnage Return Program.

If we expect to recall dunnage on a schedule other than this average, we will notify the individual customer(s.)

If a customer fails to return dunnage in good condition or fails to return dunnage per our schedule, that customer will experience higher production costs for future orders.

Customer agrees to be bound by the Bev Can Terms and Conditions.