Design Guidelines & Templates for Digital Beverage Can Printing

These design guidelines are meant to be a list of tips, tricks and best practices for the best possible output from Bev Can Printers. The following steps are required to submit your artwork for Proof Can production:

  1. Prepare your artwork (see instructions below). When using black ink for text, barcodes, or UPC in your design, make sure to use PROCESS BLACK.
  2. Complete the 12oz Proof Can Order Form, you will be directed to upload your completed artwork in PSD format on the next page.
  3. Invoice emailed in 2-3 business days

Please contact us with any questions.

Prepare your Artwork with our Can Templates

There is one can template for: 12 ounce cans. There are five neck colors (red, black, blue, green and white) and one body color (white). Saved artwork must be in PSD format and saved at the pixel resolutions specified below. Artwork should include only your artwork - be sure to turn off the "Instructions" layer before exporting/saving.

12oz Can Template - Photoshop File (CC)

12 oz Can Canvas Size, DPI, and Font Size

The total size of the printable can area for a 12 ounce can is 8.000" x 3.713". The print resolution is 600 dots per inch (DPI) for a total image size of 4800 x 2228 pixels. Font size minimum is 10pt.

12oz Body

The body of the can is 8.000" x 3.713" (4800 x 2228 pixels at 600DPI).

12oz Neck

The neck area comes pre-printed with your choice of solid colors white (PANTONE® White), black (PANTONE® Black), blue (PANTONE® Reflex Blue), green (PANTONE® 15-0343 "Greenery"), or red (PANTONE® 186 Red).

Reserved Areas

The Bev Can Printers logo is located at 0.25” x 0.25” from the bottom right of the design canvas and is printed over any artwork.

Barcodes & QR Codes

UPC barcode and any QR code artwork should be 100% black on a 100% solid white background. PROCESS BLACK MUST BE USED for all barcodes and QR codes. No other artwork should be behind the QR code or barcode, as this can interfere with the readability or scanability of your code.